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Friday, April 20, 2012

(OUTscene NW) WRAP UP; Metropolitan Fashion Week, 'UN-FORGETTABLE'!

by Eddie Walker 

Metropolitan Fashion Week 2012 has come and gone, but is far from forgotten.  There were definitely some impressive designers that showed this year, and there were a few not so impressive.  Nevertheless, it was all pretty to look at, and I enjoyed myself immensely.

The first show took place at LEXUS of Bellevue (3/24/2012).  This was by far my favorite show of the two.  It was held in the shop area of the dealership.  There, they had LEXUS vehicles hoisted into the air, making it seem as though they were flying giving the show a futuristic feel.  Also, there were supermodels from outer space adding to the ambiance.  The venue was small, which I loved.  It made the show more intimate, and I was better able to get a good look at what the designers sent down the runway.

The following designers were showcased at the LEXUS of Bellevue show:
   1)  Devon Yan-Berrong - devonyanberrong.com
2)  Marta Kappl - martakappl.com
3)  Andrea Voss - vossrock.com
4)  Masha Osoianu - mashaknits.blogspot.com
5)  Deyonte Weather - dwfashion-runway216.com
6)  Sharon Donohoe Gillin
7)  Morgan Carson - reneropas.com
8)  Laksmi McKenna - lxcouture.com
9)  Gingerlyn Bellus - gingerlyn.bellus.com

My top three favorite designers from this show are:
Andrea Voss - (I would call her collection “The Attack of the Little Black Dress” collection.  She had several   little black dresses that were all knock-outs, well-made, and designs that have never been seen before, by my eyes anyway.)

Sharon Donohoe Gillin - (Her collection was flawless fabulousness from beginning to end.  I didn’t see one dress in her collection I didn’t like.  All of them accentuated my favorite part of a women’s body - her back.  Therefore, no bras are allowed in this collection.)

And last, but not least…Laksmi McKenna - (Men’s Outerwear from this collection had me screaming for more.  If I could, I would buy every men’s coat she sent down the runway, especially the micro-fiber trench coat.)

The following link will take you to highlights of the LEXUS of Bellevue show!

The second show was held at The Museum of Flight in Seattle, WA (3/31/2012).  The theme - ‘Come Fly With Me’.  The MachOne Jazz Orchestra sang “Come Fly w/ Me” and “Putting On the Ritz”, setting the mood perfectly for the evening. 

The following designers were showcased at The Museum of Flight show:
1)  David Tupaz - davidtupazcoutureonline.com
2)  Nicole Van Der Bogert - trilliumtailor.com
3)  Corban Harper
4)  Kathy Sabin-Mensah - kreati-ka.com
5)  Julie Danforth w/ Shoes by Lina Zeineddine - linazeineddine.com
6)  Olga Szwed - labellereve.com
7)  Irina Turner - ateliecouture.com

 David Tupaz was the show opener, which also added to the whole vintage feel of the show.  His collection was inspired by ‘old hollywood.’  All of his gowns were gorgeous, but he had a few sequenced looks he sent down the runway that looked like throwbacks from the 70s.  The most interesting piece in his entire collection was what he was wearing himself.  It was a ‘Rock Me Amadeus’ look with Philippino influences.  I loved it.

  • Nicole sent a line of men’s suits down the runway.  All of which were very well tailored.  
  • Corban.  His wedding gown at the end was my favorite.  I think he can definitely give Vera Wang a run for her money, no disrespect intended.  I love Vera Wang.  The rest of his collection was quite impressive, considering it’s his first.  He had eleven pieces, and I only put ‘no comment’ on two of them - Looks 4 and 8.
  •  Kathy.  Everything she sent down the runway, I loved.  My favorite was the wine-red dress.
  • Julie.  Her collection was very sophisticated.

  • Olga and Irina both sent lovely collections down the runway, also.

     The evening ended with the 5th Annual Forbidden Fashion Show, featuring:
    Men’s Underwear & Swimwear by UnderU4Men - underu4men.com

    Jim Dever form KING5 Evening Magazine took the challenge to loose weight and walked the Forbidden Fashion Show!
    Ladies Lingerie by Laurie Shapiro - toadlillie.com

    Ladies Swimwear by Niveen Heaton -adicoraswimwear.com

    ADICORA Swimwear Designer and MFW Fashion Creative Director Niveen Heaton dress was Designed by Irina and Lane Bueche - Jewelry Turnerateliecouture.com. Producer and Director Eduardo Khawam suit was deigned by Nicole Van Der Bogert - trilliumtailor.com

    It was a perfect ending to a perfect evening.  In closing, I would also like to name my picks for this year’s best ‘off runway’ look.  They are Rose Dennis in Luly Yang at the LEXUS of Bellevue show, and Lizanne Falsetto in unknown designer at The Museum of Flight show.

    Lizanne Falsetto CCO AND Founder of thinThin Products http://thinkproducts.com/ Presenting sponsor. 

    The following link will take you to a time lapsed video of The Museum of Flight show:  Metropolitan Fashion Week | 2012

    Photos by TURK PHOTOS 

    2012-2013 Dates & States
    Salt Lake City, Utah – Park City, Utah. September 28 - October 5, 2012
    Bellevue- Seattle, WA. April 6-13, 2013
    Hollywood, CA. 2013 TBD

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